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MOO launched in 2006, intending to disrupt the trillion-dollar global print industry. They successfully achieved this – and today, they are the market leader in the fast-growing premium segment.

When they approached Semi Permanent, they didn't simply want to be another event partner. They truly wanted to activate and engage with the audience. Their goal was to put their product in every creatives' hands, in a creative and confident way, and no better place than the biggest creative festival in Australia.

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Our team designed a 3-stage activation to connect MOO with the Festival audience. Firstly, we ran a social media campaign to introduce MOO, receiving over 230 submissions. Secondly, we created a number-matching puzzle to place MOO's product in attendees' hands and offered a stock sample pack as a bonus. Lastly, we encouraged attendees to share their efforts with two hashtags, resulting in over two thousand tags and a chance to win $250 credit with MOO.

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Gustavo Yoshida
Tidal Visuals


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