We are a great bunch with the skills, experience and will to completely change your business or get your new venture off the ground.

Why we exist

Simple – to deliver the highest caliber of creative and technical solutions to those who want to promote change, inspire others and shake things up – we are here to facilitate the work of companies and individuals that strive to make a difference.

We exist to help our partners make the lives of those impacted by their products and services better.

Why work with us

Because we will be part of your team. We wear the jersey, get on the field, join in the trenches (front-row, of course). You want your organisation to work with us because we will bring all of our experience (decades, of combined experience, in case you are wondering) and all of our expertise to bring your project through to the finish line – in first place.

There are plenty of great designers out there – amazing developers and marketers. But we are the full package. One point of contact if you wish, or your plug-and-play department of expertise.

01. True Full Service

End-to-end capabilities and a bag full of tricks. From building digital platforms to designing unique packaging products all the way to launching and managing campaigns (be it on or offline). We give one-stop-shop a new definition. Don't believe it? Throw something at us :)

02. Experience

The thing you can't buy! Good 'ole hard earned experience achieved by putting in the time, doing the laps, reps or whatever else you can relate to (you know what I'm sayin') – and nobody can take it away. "Being in the trenches", "Blood sweat and tears", "Been around the block", "Been there, done that" – whatever cliche you choose – we've done it!

03. Holistic

In a world that praises specialists, we high-five the experienced generalists. Instead of being stuck in a hole of our own little expertise, we bring our broad experience across industries through numerous verticals. Developing, managing and producing projects across brand, print, digital – there isn't much we haven't done before. Be it at ground level or at directing roles. We cross-pollinate our expertise to make the world a bit more colourful.

04. Diverse

We appreciate diversity – from our own individual backgrounds to client relationships and projects. We understand that
by being strong in our individualities we form powerful collectives, in our personal lives and careers, and we take that
into each of our projects.


05. Daring

We don't settle for the expected, the mundane. While most seek "appropriateness", we aim to find the different, the compelling, the unique. We know that by challenging perceptions we can end up in a place of real connection. Sometimes uncomfortable at first, but cozy like your cat's cuddle in the end.

06. Caring
Ultimately, because we care. We care about your project, we care about what you care about. We put people first and we fight the good fight.



Who we are

A collective/network of creatives, developers, image makers and story tellers that come together to work as your creative partners as you start, build and grow your ventures and enterprises.

We believe in doing business with a purpose, engaging with ventures we truly believe in. We build brands that stand for something, always ensuring they are communicating from their core values and that are unique and strategically positioned in their market.

We are not limited by industry, size of operations or location. We focus in providing creative & technical solutions to our clients through our own values driven approach and a robust process. We are Hover Creative Studio, nice to meet you.



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