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One of the world's biggest grassroots creative communities, The Design Kids was in a need of a new platform that would bring their live, in-person local tribes to the digital realm. We worked with the amazing team led by the one and only Frankie Ratford to design, build and completely re-develop their website.

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With individual "chapters" spread across the globe, covering over 70 cities and bringing together more than 300K past and present members, The Design Kids focuses on advancing the careers of creatives starting out in the industry.– Providing opportunities in the form of online resources, job boards, live and online events and collaborations, TDK's website needed to translate it all into the digital landscape, while maintaining the fun and inclusive vibe of the brand.– Bringing big type and and a bold application of the already diverse colour palette the brand already had, we established a fun and unique design for the site.– With a super friendly user experience, the site has unique hubs for each location, where members can find all relevant information from their area in one place.– The website features a custom built job board, 3rd party API integrations, global resource center and a custom developed content builder.

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